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Celebrate with Confidence

Chef Brian Catering specializes in crafting unforgettable culinary experiences tailored to your unique vision. With a versatile array of catering and event planning solutions, we ensure every detail is meticulously curated to exceed your expectations. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, trust Chef Brian Catering to elevate your event with exceptional taste and seamless execution.

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From Our Menu

Paellas-Rice & Appetizers
  • 20p $21.00
  • 30p $18.99
  • 40p $17.99
  • 50p $16.99
  • 60p $15.99
  • 70p $14.99
  • From 80 to more $12.99

* Prices are listed as Per Person

Catering & Event
  • Corvina Ceviche

    Sweet potatoes and leche de tigre

  • Shrimp Guacamole Vites

    Served in a spoon with balsamic sauce

  • Coconut Shrimp

    Served with a pina and coco sauce on top

The Bar Menu
  • The Bar- Non-alcoholic

    Non-alcoholic Beverage Plus Mixers

  • The Bar- Alcoholic

    Alcoholic Plus Mixers

What We Offer

Event Types


With our bespoke wedding catering services, we infuse every dish with love and creativity, ensuring your celebration is a culinary masterpiece.

Parties & Social

Whether it’s a lively birthday bash or a casual get-together with friends, our catering services add an extra layer of excitement to every occasion.


Whether it’s a high-profile business luncheon, a productive corporate retreat, or a prestigious gala dinner, we bring a touch of sophistication.

Professional Chef

Our culinary team at Chef Brian Catering is led by seasoned professionals with years of experience in the culinary arts. With a passion for innovation and excellence, our chefs bring creativity and expertise to every dish, ensuring a gourmet experience that delights the senses.

Quality Food

Quality is our top priority. We source only the finest ingredients, hand-selecting fresh, locally sourced produce and premium meats to ensure exceptional flavor and freshness in every bite. Our meticulously crafted dishes showcase culinary excellence, leaving a lasting impression.

Seamless Service

We work closely with you to understand your vision, ensuring every detail is meticulously planned and executed with precision. Relax and enjoy a stress-free experience, knowing your guests will receive unparalleled service and hospitality.

We hired Brian Catering for our baby shower of approximately 40 people. The chef showed up early and the food was abundant and delicious. Highly recommend!!

Jayce Evey


My guests were really satisfied with the taste, quantity and quality of the food. Brian Catering is a local treasure for sure. We are so ordering from them during the holidays and upcoming birthdays!

Evelyn Dovale


These people were a blessing at my baby shower which had over 120 guests. The chef handled everything very nicely and the Arroz con Pollo was incredible. Thank you chef Brian for the wonderful service, amazing price, and great presentation.

Ana Paz

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Brian Catering is renowned for its talented chefs, impeccable service, and unsurpassed expertise.
And we bring all that to making your event spectacularly memorable.